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Paradise Valley 
Artificial Grass Installation

At AZ Turf Installers, we bring the lush green of nature to your doorstep with our premium artificial grass solutions. Expertly serving the unique climate of Paradise Valley, Arizona, our solutions are tailored to withstand the rigors of the sun, ensuring your spaces look vibrant year-round. Quality, resilience, and beauty define every square inch our skilled team installs.

Exceptional Products

We understand the importance of product quality when it comes to your artificial grass installation. For this reason, we only create, test, and use the best products that are manufactured for Paradise Valley's climates, backed by the best manufacturer/product warranty in the industry of 20 years, plus AZ Turf Installers backs all workmanship with a matched 20-year warranty.


Our Turf is Built to Last and It’s Got a 20-year Manufacturing Warranty to Prove It.

While other turf installers’ artificial grass comes with a pro-rated manufacturing warranty, all turf we install comes with a 20 year installation warranty and a 20 year -non-prorated manufacturing warranty on all landscape turf products.

Artificial Grass Options

Our curated selection is designed to meet diverse needs and aesthetic preferences:


Total Weight: 80oz
Pile Height: 1.5'
Backing: Polyurethane
Fiber: Polyethylene - Wave
Warranty: 20 Year
Pet Friendly*
Roll Width: 15 Ft


Perfect Rye

Total Weight: 70oz

Pile Height: 1.5'

Backing: Polyurethane

Fiber: Polyethylene - C Blade

Warranty: 20 Year

Pet Friendly*

Roll Width: 15 Ft


Triple Green

Total Weight: 92oz

Pile Height: 1.77'

Backing: Polyurethane

Fiber: Polyethylene - C Blade

Warranty: 20 Year

Pet Friendly*

Roll Width: 15 Ft



Total Weight: 70oz

Pile Height: 0.71

Backing: Polyurethane

Fiber: Polyethylene Two Tone Green

Warranty: 20 Year

Pet Friendly*

Roll Width: 15 Ft


AZ Turf Installers - Reliable Artificial Grass Services in Paradise Valley

The Installation Process.jpg

The Installation Process

AZ Turf Installers champion a meticulous approach to artificial turf installations:

  • Consultation & Design: Every project begins with listening to your visions and assessing your space.

  • Preparation: Ground is cleared, leveled, and prepared to welcome the turf, ensuring a flawless outcome.

  • Installation: Our team expertly rolls out, secures, and trims the turf, transforming your space with precision and care.

  • Finishing Touches: We ensure every edge is perfect, every blade stands proud, providing you with a space that’s immediately ready to enjoy.

DIY Vs. Hiring a Pro

While the DIY approach might seem tempting, it falls short when compared to the benefits of professional installation for artificial grass. Professionals ensure precise ground preparation, use specialized tools for accurate installation, and provides a polished finish for optimum aesthetics. Professional services, like those from AZ Turf Installers, offer warranty protection covering both product and installation, something DIY doesn't offer.

Professional installation delivers longevity, a flawless appearance, and peace of mind, making it the favorable choice for a robust, beautiful, and enduring lawn. Hence, choosing professional help over DIY ensures a secured and sustainable turf investment.

DIY Vs. Hiring a Pro.jpg
The Benefits of Using Artificial Turf.jpg

The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

Embrace a greener tomorrow with benefits that extend beyond aesthetics:

  • Water Conservation: Significantly reduce your water usage, contributing positively to environmental conservation efforts.

  • Low Maintenance: Say goodbye to mowing, fertilizing, and pesticides. Enjoy your weekends again with minimal upkeep requirements.

  • Allergy Reduction: Reduce allergens around your home, offering a comfortable outdoor experience for everyone.

  • Durability: Designed to resist wear, tear, and weather, ensuring a lasting investment.

  • Enhanced Property Value: A well-manicured, maintenance-free lawn can augment the market value and curb appeal of your property.

  • Safe Play Surfaces: We offer child and pet-friendly turf varieties that cushion and protect loved ones during outdoor activities.

Artificial Grass Applications

Artificial grass' versatility, adapting to various settings, has made it increasingly popular.

Residential Yards

For residential yards, it transforms outdoor spaces into appealing, low-care, evergreen landscapes that are water-friendly.

Commercial Landscapes

In the commercial context, artificial grass boosts curb appeal while offering a maintenance-free, cost-effective greenery solution. It enhances the professional atmosphere of business premises, delivering a welcoming ambiance to employees, patrons, and visitors alike.

Sports Fields & Golf Courses

Meanwhile, on sports fields and golf courses, artificial grass provides a uniform, durable surface that holds up well against heavy foot traffic and diverse weather conditions. It offers a consistent playing field, reducing injury risks and maintenance costs, and allowing athletes to perform to the best of their abilities.

Artificial Turf Applications.jpg
Why Choose Az Turf Installers.jpg

Why Choose AZ Turf Installers?

Choosing AZ Turf Installers means opting for a leader in artificial grass solutions, renowned for our commitment to quality, aesthetic beauty, and superior customer service. Focused on delivering long-lasting value, our company stands out with its 20-year warranty on both product and installation, showcasing a dedication to customer satisfaction. Clients can expect only the highest-grade, natural-looking turf options tailored to meet specific needs, accompanied by a seamless, informed installation process.
AZ Turf Installers' ethos of excellence, backed by robust aftercare and a commitment to long-term client happiness, makes us the premier choice for artificial turf installation.

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