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Cool Technology 

Providing Everything You Need

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Synthetic turf is great. Less maintenance than natural grass and has the ability to dramatically increase usage without being wed to the task of maintenance. More time to relax and enjoy your lawn, year round.

Unfortunately there has been one issue with artificial grass. The surface has the potential to get hot. The heat problem is a well known issue within the synthetic turf industry. Until now, there has not been an effective, sustainable solution.

AZ Turf Installers uses a technology that has been engineered to work through the same thermoregulation process our bodies use to keep cool, called evaporative cooling. This process has a cooling effect via the evaporation of moisture. This simply requires hydration, which can come from irrigation, rainfall, dew, or a simple garden hose. As solar radiation heats the turf, the product releases its moisture. As the moisture evaporates, it removes the heat with it - cooling the artificial turf by up to 50°F.

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Our infill product is the only technology based synthetic turf infill on the market today. It is 100% non toxic, non hazardous, sustainable, and cools your turf 35oF - 50oF+.

This breakthrough technology dramatically lowers the temperature on synthetic turf surfaces. Reducing friction to help combat skin turf burns. Our infill sand makes synthetic turf surfaces safer and more playable for millions.

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